Medellín, Colombia | Ruta N Innovation Complex

Project Task

In the heart of Medellín – Colombia’s second largest city – the iconic Ruta N Innovation Center is the focus of the municipality’s urban regeneration program. Built in 2011, Ruta N hot-houses the city’s science, innovation and hi-tech development, and is a thriving center of business activity.
Although only completed a couple of years before, the management was dissatisfied with the functionality of the large, glass-topped walkway linking the buildings. The solar control film initially installed on the large glass panes roof was discolored and peeling, and needed to be replaced by a film that could better withstand the sunny climate.
The Constructora Ecco management company approached Hanita’s Colombian distributor Antisolar Alemana, and requested help. They
needed a film that would cut sunlight and glare, reduce the ambient temperature of the walkway, yet withstand the tough climatic conditions.


Hanita recommended installing SkyLite Silver 20, specially developed for flat roofing, featuring exceptional levels of ~ 80% heat and glare rejection.


Installing SkyLite Silver 20X had a two-fold impact on the walkway. Firstly, the aesthetics of the walkway improved dramatically, with a crisp, transparent silver-grey replacing the peeling purplish film. Secondly, the surrounding ambience is far more pleasant, with a noticeable reduction in both heat buildup and glare. The Constructora Ecco management company expressed satisfaction with the walkway’s increased comfort – and with the sophisticated appearance that so complements the high-tech architecture.

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